Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Hong Kong

My novel travels to many places in China, mainly to the province of Sichuan (Chengdu), Shanghai and Beijing. There are two stops in Hong Kong. I was introduced to Hong Kong by Shui Ying, a wondeful woman living now in that city. She e-mailed me this beautiful 360-degree panoramic view over Hong Kong harbour

For walking tours in Hong Kong, please go to "A Kindle in Hong Kong" by blogger Shannon Young, where she has many great photos of the city.

Hong Kong is a bridge between mainland China and the West. Last year Hong Kong retained its position as the freest economy in the world. In mainland China there is state capitalism with planned economy. Hong Kong is one of the two special administrative regions of the People's republic of China. Many of the 7 million residents of Hong Kong wish that mainland China wil become more like Hong Kong, while the regime in Beijing hopes that Hong Kong will become more like mainland China.  The city flower of Hong Kong is the Bauhinia. To learn more about the city:

Enjoy this song about Hong Kong (1978) by the late Teresa Teng
and this