Thursday, 7 February 2013

Vienna + Schlager Music

Helga travels to places to find clues about the past of Petra. From Berlin she travels to  Schonhausen to find the third clue which sends her to Vienna, the capital and largest city in Austria.

Some of the famous German composers wrote their music in Vienna. Just like Petra, Brahms was born in Hamburg.
Beethoven composed Erotica in Vienna and is buried there. And some singers born in Germany (Munich) live now in Vienna.

In the streets of Vienna, Helga and her boyfriend dance the Waltz.

They take a ride in the red Faxi Taxi.

Helga finds the fourth clue in this building
and they take the train back home, to Jena.
Petra likes different styles of music including Schlager music, which is popular in Germany and Austria. Her mom likes it too.

From the young generation she likes Yvette and Sarah-Stephanie from Austria and Franziska, Oxana  and Sarah Carina from Germany.

Popular singers are
Every year in Hamburg there is the Schlager Music Festival.

And there is  a Schlager Radio station in Hamburg.

More current Schlager songs