Saturday, 1 March 2014


Munich appears twice in my novel. Both Helga and Petra's friends go to Munich to help Petra. Munich is the third largest city in Germany, after Berlin and Hamburg,  and the capital and the largest city in the southern state of Bavaria.

The world biggest beer festival, with 6 million visitors, is held in Munich every October
and its famous beer hall where Helga gets clues about the magical glasses.

Hegla visits Munich's main gathering place, the central Marienplatz

and checks out the food in Munich

Munich is the main city for book publishers and one of the world's biggest book publisher, Bertelsmann AG, is located there. They control Penguin Random House.

Other famous companies located Munich are BMW and Siemens.

One of Europe's best soccer clubs is Bayern Munich

One of the most famous castles is located south of Munich. It appears in Disney's movie about Cinderella.

One of Petra's favourite indie rock bands is Sportfruende Stiller from a town near Munich.
and a wonderful version of their song

Bettina Monch was born in Munich, now living in Vienna.

And the classical composer Richard Strauss was born in Munich.