Monday, 2 December 2013

Guilin and Taiwan

Shui Ying and Liang are back in Shanghai, working and saving money for a trip to Guilin, one of China's most beautiful places.

They take a cruise on River Li.

A singer from the province of Guangxi

Many people are searching for Shui Ying and her story connects to a family living in Taipei, Taiwan's largest city.

They travel to Baishawan Beach on the nortern coast of Taiwan where they find a message from Shui Ying.

Ang Lee from Taiwan won the Oscar for best film director twice.

And I had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with this author from Taiwan

Some of the great Chinese singers were born in Taiwan, like Teresa Teng
Jay Chou
Rene Liu
Rainie Yang
and Tsai Chin

A two songs from Malaysian by Chinese singers
appearing in the storyline.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Mexico and Chiapas

My third novel is set in Mexico. It's the story of Selena, a young woman from the state of Chiapas, and her journey to find love  The novel travels to places in Mexico, introducing readers to Mexican food, songs and literature, folklore and history. It also travels to North America, South America and East Asia. This novel is written also for the 120 million Mexicans and 35 million American Mexicans. Welcome to Mexico.

There are many flights in the novel, many on AeroMexico

Selena lives with her family in Chiapas, the southernmost state in Mexico. Welcome to Chiapas, part of the Maya homeland.

She is from the Maya people
and in my mind she can look like this young woman from Chiapas

and has the picture of Juana Ines de la Crus on her desk

Chiapas is home to the famous Maya ruins, Palenque.
Watch the beautiful dresses and women in Palenque Festival

And it is known for its coffee. Here is the route of Cafe.

and for its Marimba Music

She lives near the city of Tapachula.,_Chiapas
watch below Scotiabank at 0.20, it's part of the story

Selena  is a Chiapanecas dancer.

And she reads poems and novels by Mexican authors like Octavio Paz, Carlos Fuentes,  Laura Esquivel and Jennifer Clement. She follows the quotes "Deserve your Dream" by Octavio Paz, and "For me, love is the most important force. It moves the universe" by Laura Esquivel. Famous poets who were born and grew up in Chiapas are Jamie Sabines and Rosario Castellanos.

And she likes to eat the Chicatanas (flying ants).

She goes to the beach of Puerto Madero (Puerto Chiapas) which is walking distance to her home, and watches the cruise ships coming and going

She takes her guests to visit the Aqua Azul Waterfalls
the city of San Cristobal
and Chiapa's biggest city, Tuxtla Gutierrez

She goes to the Suchiate River running between Chiapas and Guatemala. Guatemala is also part of the Maya homeland.
and listens to this song from Guatemala
and to the song by Reyli Barba who was born in Chiapas.

Meet the dogs of Mexico in my novel

Great mexicans and Mexican-American singers are

Priscila Romero from Los Angeles
Jesus Adrian Romero (that's how Selena celebrated her Quinceanera of being 15) from Sonora and currently in Monterrey
and Yuridia and Yahir are also from Sonora

Carla Morrison from Baja Califorina, grew up in the US
Zoe modren version to the most famous Mexican song, written in 1940 by teenager Consuelo Velazquez.
and Reik the band from Baja California
Ana Gabriel from the Mexican state of Sinaloa, now in Miami
and the late American-Mexican Selena who inspired the name of the heroine.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

New York City

My novels are partly set in New York City.

Petra from Germany appear in  the U.S. District Court in Lower Manhattan.
She visits this Barnes & Noble book store, but for different reasons
and visit the Empire States Building to view the city.

The life of Petra changes after shopping in Macy's and finding magical sunglasses.
She and her high school friends make unfriendly visits to banks.

Petra spends time in Central Park
and Bryant Park.
She writes her blogs from here
and she visits the MOMA.

Famous songs about New York are by Frank Sinatra and Alicia Keys

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Baden-Baden and Dresden

After finding the last clue in Vienna, Helga is going to Baden-Baden to find the Capsule that will connect her to our heroine, Petra. Welcome to Baden-Baden in southwest Germany.

Baden-Baden is famous for many years for its spas and natural hot springs.

It's also famous for its Casino.

On her way home to Jena, she stops at Ulm with the tallest church in the world and where Albert Einstein was born
And where the German alternative metal band Die Happy is located.

Helga visits Dresden to meet a man who offers her to work for his company from her home in Jena. That company will help her to locate Petra in New York City. Welcome to Dresden in central east Germany.

Dresden is famous for its Semper Opera.

A famous rock band from a town near Dresden is Silbermond.

And more nice songs from Germany.
and Juli

Some classic rock songs from the DDR.

And Clueso  who, just like Helga, was born in the state of Thuringen during the DDR (the former East Germany).

Monday, 1 April 2013


Liang gets a job in construction for the Beijing 2008 Olympic, so Shui Ying travels with him  to Beijing, the capital and political center of China.

Liang builds the Olympic Stadium called Bird's Nest.

They visit China's national library.

They join a dance in a Beijing Park

To the music of this song.

And Shui Ying gets a little Shin Tzu dog, naming him Bao Bao.

They hang out at Hou Hai Lake.

And then they go to Beijing Railway Station to travel back to Shanghai.

But they come back to attend the Beijing Olympic. 

Living in Beijing is Na Ying
and born in Beijijng is Faye Wong.

And China's First Lady, Peng Liyuan.

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Vienna + Schlager Music

Helga travels to places to find clues about the past of Petra. From Berlin she travels to  Schonhausen to find the third clue which sends her to Vienna, the capital and largest city in Austria.

Some of the famous German composers wrote their music in Vienna. Just like Petra, Brahms was born in Hamburg.
Beethoven composed Erotica in Vienna and is buried there. And some singers born in Germany (Munich) live now in Vienna.

In the streets of Vienna, Helga and her boyfriend dance the Waltz.

They take a ride in the red Faxi Taxi.

Helga finds the fourth clue in this building
and they take the train back home, to Jena.
Petra likes different styles of music including Schlager music, which is popular in Germany and Austria. Her mom likes it too.

From the young generation she likes Yvette and Sarah-Stephanie from Austria and Franziska, Oxana  and Sarah Carina from Germany.

Popular singers are
Every year in Hamburg there is the Schlager Music Festival.

And there is  a Schlager Radio station in Hamburg.

More current Schlager songs