Monday, 2 July 2012

Germany and Hamburg

My 21st century America-Germany novel for young adults is ready. Unlike the many negative books and movies about what Germans did in the mid 20th century, my novel is positive.  It's written also for the 90 million German speaking people in Europe and the 50 million German-Americans. It's the story of 17 yrs old Petra, who moved with her parents from Germany to New York City. Willkommen (welcome) to Germany:

They came to NYC on a flight with Lufthansa Airlines.

Petra was born in Hamburg in Northern Germany. Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany, after Berlin, and is viewed as one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Petra and her mother, who works at Goethe Institute in NYC,  enjoy singing the song by Maria from Hamburg, reminding them about home.

Their favourite song, singing together, is from Austria. Mom likes the singer so much that she named her daugther after her.

Petra and her father, who moved from Bonn to the German Consulate in NYC,  are fans of Hamburger SV, their hometown's football team. She plays soccer in her NYC High School, inspired by Birgit Prinz, Germany's famous female football player. 
She started playing soccer as a little girl.