Saturday, 1 June 2013

Baden-Baden and Dresden

After finding the last clue in Vienna, Helga is going to Baden-Baden to find the Capsule that will connect her to our heroine, Petra. Welcome to Baden-Baden in southwest Germany.

Baden-Baden is famous for many years for its spas and natural hot springs.

It's also famous for its Casino.

On her way home to Jena, she stops at Ulm with the tallest church in the world and where Albert Einstein was born
And where the German alternative metal band Die Happy is located.

Helga visits Dresden to meet a man who offers her to work for his company from her home in Jena. That company will help her to locate Petra in New York City. Welcome to Dresden in central east Germany.

Dresden is famous for its Semper Opera.

A famous rock band from a town near Dresden is Silbermond.

And more nice songs from Germany.
and Juli

Some classic rock songs from the DDR.

And Clueso  who, just like Helga, was born in the state of Thuringen during the DDR (the former East Germany).