Thursday, 30 June 2011

Mandopop Songs

My book introduces the readers to many wonderful Chinese songs. I listened to hundreds of songs and put in the book the ones that I really liked. Some of them are Mandopop, which stands for Mandarin popular music, and many came from Taiwan. It all started with Teresa Teng from Taiwan, the Mandopop queen of 1980s. Check her songs on YouTube, like

For more contemporary Mandopop songs listen to S.H.E. and Jay Chou, both of them born in Taiwan.

For a song from Hong Kong, listen to Gloria Yip.


  1. I like the idea of hearing the latest in Mandopop. It's been too long since I followed the music in China and I never seemed to have picked it up here either.

    Welcome to the world of blogging.

  2. The Moon Represents My Heart was Teresa Deng's signature song. She was the one who popularized it, although she wasn't the first to sing the song. Her untimely death was a great loss to the Chinese pop world but her songs are still being heard today. Wish you all the success in your literary work!

  3. Thanks for your comment. Please post the name of the singer who originally sang the song. I like M-Girls (they are in my book) and Siti Nurhaliza from Malaysia.

  4. You could listen 王菲 & 张学友 songs if you're interested in:)

  5. Thanks, Yingying, but I can't read what you wrote in Chinese.