Wednesday, 31 October 2012


While Petra fights to help the people in New York City, Helga looks for clues about Petra's past. She has the first clue before going to Berlin.

Helga finds the second clue in one of the buildings in this video.

She hugs the blue Berliner bear for good luck before entering the bank.

And walks in Berlin's main shopping street

Petra listens to songs by Annett Louisan who lives in Berlin

and by Lumaraa and Eisblume  who live in Berlin
and to Maya Saba who was born in Berlin.

And to this song by Silly, a popular band formed in the former East Berlin.

A popular punk rock from Brelin is Die Artze

And a popular rapper from Berlin is Sido

And the most popular band from Berlin is Rammstein

Currywurst is the popular fast food that was created in Berlin in 1949.

Petra likes the movie where Franke Potente is running in Berlin

And Helga likes the movie about East and West Berlin
and about their favourite car, the Trabi

Marlene Dietrich was born in a suburb of Berlin

and one the great theatres is the Berliner Ensemble


  1. Oh, I have dreamed of going to Berlin! (among every other place everywhere in the world... haha). Hmm, I've never heard of currywurst! Sounds interesting... I'll definitely have to try it :D When I go to Berlin, because eating it anywhere else wouldn't be as authentic of an experience :) Love how you develop your characters with all these finer details of things they like and places and food and music... :)

  2. Thanks, Bonnee, for visiting. I've learned a lot about Germany watching many videos on YouTube. And just this week a literary agent from NYC was gushing about visitng Australia and seeing the platypus for the first time. If a novel is set in the state of Victoria, there's is a beautiful short video on YouTube "There's nothing Like Australia: Victoria". So many cute animals there.

    1. I'd believe that video if I were you. Victoria is definitely the best state; well I live there, so of course it's awesome! Hahaha ;) But the animals are pretty cute... I had an aunt visiting from Italy and we were taking the train into the city, because we live a few hours out in the more rural suburbs. She saw a little grey kangaroo off in one of the paddocks we past and just lost it... she was so happy to see one! :D

  3. Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog! So great to meet another writer who specializes in Asian SF/F. Let me know when your book is out!

  4. I love Currywurst although I prefer it the way they eat in the Ruhrgebiet, which is an area in North Rhine-Westfalia (my family's roots lie there).

    Berlin is an interesting city.