Monday, 1 April 2013


Liang gets a job in construction for the Beijing 2008 Olympic, so Shui Ying travels with him  to Beijing, the capital and political center of China.

Liang builds the Olympic Stadium called Bird's Nest.

They visit China's national library.

They join a dance in a Beijing Park

To the music of this song.

And Shui Ying gets a little Shin Tzu dog, naming him Bao Bao.

They hang out at Hou Hai Lake.

And then they go to Beijing Railway Station to travel back to Shanghai.

But they come back to attend the Beijing Olympic. 

Living in Beijing is Na Ying
and born in Beijijng is Faye Wong.

And China's First Lady, Peng Liyuan.


  1. Oh China *sniff* I never got to see Beijing... That library is huge and I wanna dance in the park with a bunch of randoms, because that's just adorable!!! :)

    I've never been much into the Olympics though...

  2. China is Australia's largest trading partner and the countries have cultural relationship. The Capital M is a restaurant in Beijing founded by an Australian woman. They have a an annual literary festival in Shanghai, but maybe one day they'll invite you also to Beijing.

    1. That would be insanely cool :D I definitely need to give China a second shot...

  3. I've been to Beijing once but I had a one year old and I was pregnant. Hubby and I did as much as we could but we were definitely slowed down!

  4. Thanks, Christina, for visiting again. Hopefully, your YA fiction will do very well and the publisher will send you to a book tour in South Korea. Then, you and your husband can take another trip to visit Beijing.