Monday, 2 December 2013

Guilin and Taiwan

Shui Ying and Liang are back in Shanghai, working and saving money for a trip to Guilin, one of China's most beautiful places.

They take a cruise on River Li.

A singer from the province of Guangxi

Many people are searching for Shui Ying and her story connects to a family living in Taipei, Taiwan's largest city.

They travel to Baishawan Beach on the nortern coast of Taiwan where they find a message from Shui Ying.

Ang Lee from Taiwan won the Oscar for best film director twice.

And I had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with this author from Taiwan

Some of the great Chinese singers were born in Taiwan, like Teresa Teng
Jay Chou
Rene Liu
Rainie Yang
and Tsai Chin

A two songs from Malaysian by Chinese singers
appearing in the storyline.


  1. You make me want to go back to China so badly! I was meant to go back there next month with my best friend, but we were unable to go ahead with our plans. I have another friend who is in Taipei at the moment, also making me very jealous and disturbing my inner travel-bug. Thanks for sharing all of these wonderful places where your characters go! :)

  2. Thanks, Bonnee, for visiting and for your comments. One way to visit China, while getting paid, is to go there for a year teaching English. They are looking for many English teachers from English speaking countries. So many beautiful places around the world to visit. At least we can visit them via videos from the internet. Best wishes.

    1. Going overseas to teach might just be the only reason I would ever consider becoming a teacher (at least as far as elementary and high school teachers go). The English teacher who got me through most of high school did that though, she had many stories to tell us about the year she spent teaching in China. I'd love to give something like that a shot... hmm. :)