Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Manzanillo and Puerta Vallarta

Mexico is famous for its beautiful towns on the Pacific Ocean. On her journey to find love Selena travels to these two resorts.

Welcome to Manzanillo,_Colima
A famous artist from the state of Colima is

Welcome to Puerto Vallarta
and its Malecon, the boardwalk
with the boy on the seahorse statue
and the mermaid statue

While Selena doesn't visit the state of Sinaloa, Sheyla with her powerful voice is in the story. She is also an actress in Telenovas, that Selena's mother and brother like to watch on TV.
She is also an actress in Telenovas (like Rafaela) which Selena's mother and brother like to watch.

Bandas from Sinaloa

Paying tribute to a singer who died too early
and to the Mexican-American Jenni Rivera


  1. Manzanillo looks like the port is very busy indeed, but everything else about it and Peurta Vallarta looks so beautiful! What a fantastic setting for your story.

  2. Thanks for visiting, Bonnee, and Mexico seems like a great country to visit. My novel is completed now and Jonno from Australia decided to settle down in Southern Mexico with his new Mexican wife and opened a surfing school to teach the locals.

    1. That sounds super cool--learning to surf is still on my bucket list.